7 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teens

Posted on March 15, 2012 by Guest Author

Gift ideas for teens

Okay, it’s likely that your teen does not still believe in the Easter bunny. So why a teen Easter basket? Well, for starters, it’s just plain fun to put those goody collections together for our kids, no matter how old they are! But you also may have other younger children who would wonder why their older sibling didn’t get treats from the hopping man this year. Either way, Easter is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about how to fill those brightly colored carriers. Here are seven awesome Easter basket gift ideas for teens:

Movie tickets. One fun (and safe!) way teens can get out of the house to spend time together is to go to the movies, and teens tend to gather at the movie theatre. As a parent of a teen, you’ve probably noticed this phenomenon. Treat your teen to movie tickets for an upcoming new release.

Accessories. Teen girls will love to receive bracelets, hair bands, and the like from Mr. Peter Rabbit, while teen boys can always use a new hat or wallet chain. Either gender would be thrilled to see a new pair of cool sunglasses in their baskets.

Candy. You cannot forget the candy. After all, teens love candy just like everyone else. When it comes to candy, you can basically load their baskets with the same sweets you give the little ones, or add some more “mature” options like pop rocks or giant jaw breakers.

Games. Whether you have teen boys or teen girls, it’s likely they are into games of some form or another – whether it be a computer game or a new selection for the game console.

Gift cards. Next to hanging out at the movie theater, teens love to gather at the mall. Put a gift card for your teen’s favorite mall store in the Easter basket.

Music. If you are looking to give one pricier gift basket item this Easter, then a portable music player is a great way to go, and is sure to please even the most finicky teen. If your teen already has an iPod, then an iTunes gift card is another great way to go.

The basket. For a teen, you can get creative with the Easter basket so that it is a gift in itself. Consider fun ideas like a backpack, a laptop carrier, a purse, or a collectible tin lunch box. You can really use your imagination here. Who doesn’t like to get an Easter basket? And that goes for teens, too, no matter how mature they’d have you think they are. Put the perfect teen Easter basket together by following these tips.

About the Author: Ellsworth Lacatena has a teen boy and girl and will have to get creative with the Easter basket goodies this year. He enjoys sipping the oolong tea he loves most while relaxing after getting his kids from place to place and might just order some nice tea blends from www.goldenmoontea.com for his daughter’s basket, too!

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