Claire Pettibone’s Beautiful Wedding Design for Zuckerberg’s Bride

Posted on May 25, 2012 by Gift Ideas


When we speak of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, usually the terms IPO, stocks, social marketing and Iinstagram come to mind, if recent news stories are anything to go by.

However, the spotlight has surprisingly turned to designer wedding dresses, lace and Claire Pettibone, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s surprise wedding to college sweetheart Priscilla Chan.

The young couple exchanged vows in a secret ceremony that had everyone surprised, even the guests. According to the invitation, guests were under the impression that they were attending Chan’s graduation party, who recently completed her medical studies. With the passing of every high profile celebrity wedding there is always one question on everyone’s lips, “What was she wearing?”

The Wedding Gown

To answer this pertinent question, the beautiful bride (with brains to match) wore a stunning lace gown by designer Claire Pettibone.

Titled ‘Sky Between the Branches’ the ivory coloured floral dress was laser-cut making a delicate floral pattern. The silk gown featured a stunning jewel neckline of matte sequins with a sheer lace back and a chapel-length train. Unlike the extravagance of other high profile celebrity brides, the Claire Pettibone wedding dress was not a bespoke item and cost a reasonable $4,700.

No doubt Claire Pettibone’s distributor’s phones will be ringing off the hook with orders from soon-to-be brides. If you’re wondering what the groom wore you will be pleased to know that he opted for a smart suit and tie as opposed to his trademark hoodie.

The Style

Considering the prominent use of lace on the Claire Pettibone gown, there is no doubt that Chan’s choice of couture was inspired by Kate Middleton’s gown in her marriage to Prince William. Since the Royal Wedding lace has been the trend for wedding dresses, giving brides a more classic and delicate style. In an interview with Claire Pettibone, the wedding designer said that she has always had a penchant for lace in her designs and has incorporated the material in many of her collections.

Fortunately for her, it just happens to be in fashion rights now. According to Claire Pettibone, the gown was absolutely perfect for the event as its understated quality complemented the intimacy of the small, private wedding. The Claire Pettibone wedding gown also suited the bride’s personality and the changing times.

Like Chan, many women are getting married when they are older, with an education behind them and a bright career ahead of them. More and more it is a thing of the past were brides are literally an ornament on the arm of the groom. Celebrity spotters can be assured that they will hear more of Claire Pettibone’s designs and see more of Priscilla Chan and her fashion style in the future.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion related news and tips. Articles include how to selected the perfect designer prom dresses for different body shapes to the latest celebrity fashion trends.

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