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Top 10 Most Expensive Gemstones

Posted on April 20, 2012 by Gift Ideas

Most Expensive Gemstones

Gemstones are by no means an inexpensive purchase. However, no matter how deep your pockets there are some rocks that will even make the likes of Bill Gates turn a darker shade of rouge. Some of these gemstones are related to very ordinary minerals, yet the inclusion of tiny amounts of other materials make them hyper-rare and expensive…

So, what are the most expensive gemstones in the world?


This stone is far more expensive than most and is found only in Guatemala and California. Costing about $3m a carat it’s an amazing green colour. For example a necklace auctioned in Christies, which comprised of 27 pieces of this extremely rare gem sold for $9.3m over 15 years ago.

Red Diamond

The red diamond is one of the least common in the world and at $2.25m a carat you’d be quite happy coming across one during a dig in your back garden. The largest one of these red diamonds ever found was a 5.1carat gem and was sold for over $10m.


Found in Burma this rare stone is made from a crystallised mineral and is transparent and obviously extremely rare. Costing between $1.8-2m a carat, nothing says I love you like Serendibite, not even an October Birthstone.

Blue Garnet

The amazing thing about this gem is the fact it changes colour between day and night. During the light hours this gemstone is a blue/green colour, however when it gets dark it changes to a purple. This is due to it having a large amount of Vanadium. Costing around $1.5m a Carat, a 4.2 carat stone was sold for nearly $7m in 2003, making sure it’s among the most expensive stones on earth.


Though things now take a substantial drop to a mere $60,000 a carat, Painite is quite a rare stone. Found in Burma the crystal was only found in the 1950s by a man named C.D.Pain. Only 25 stones of this kind have been registered since then, making it a very rare find.


Found and named by another explorer, Alfred Grandidier, Grandidierite comes from Madagascar and is a green, blue colour. It costs about $50,000 a carat.


Only found in 1967, this gem is part of the taaffeite family and comes from the South part of Australia. It costs around $35,000 a carat and is still very hard to come across.

Red Beryl

This is a form of emerald and costs as much as a small car, coming in at about $12,000. The stone is the rarest in the beryl family of gems and is extremely rare.

Black Opal

This gem is used as the pride part of many necklaces and earrings and is a snip at about $2,500. It is generally found in Australia and is a beautiful deep purple.  Thes price tag associated with this gem is far out of reach of those looking to purchase a traditional Opal October birthstone.


Finally, Jeremejevite is a crystallised mineral and costs a mere $2,000 a karat making it the cheapest of our top ten most expensive minerals.

These gems are the most expensive in the world and unsurprisingly aren’t on your average list of October birthstone and are exclusively for the very rich and the most famous.


If the top ten Gemstones are a little out of your price range, Parriss Jewellers have a great selection of jewellery that incorporate alternatives including the October birthstone, Opal.

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