Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny Mini Flopsie 8″ Plush Beanbag

Posted on February 8, 2012 by Michael

Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny Mini Flopsie 8" Plush Beanbag

Plush Bitty Rabbit is adorable, eco-friendly, safe luxury plush friend for your little one or your Sweet Valentine. Very realistic looking bunny has the softest brown fur and a cute little tan puffball tail.

This huggable toy bunny is made by the award winning Aurora with 100% soy fiber and stuffed plump and 100% Kapok, a golden silky fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic.

What real buyers say about Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny :


  • This bunny is really cute and has a good amount of weight to it with the bean bag inside. His ears are silky soft and stand up without the aid of an internal support. His fur is fluffy and soft. Nice details. I love it.
  • It washes well and looks better after you put it in the dryer for a little time (Dries Fast).

  • Regular price: $9.95
  • Current offer: $2.26
  • You save: $2.34 (24.0%)
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