Winged Sterling Silver Spread Open Phoenix Wing Pendant

Posted on January 29, 2012 by Michael

Winged Sterling Silver Spread Open Phoenix Wing Pendant

The mythical phoenix bird treasured by many cultures as a symbol of hope and renewal. How wonderful to have a piece of jewelry fashioned in the form of this incredible bird!

Made of large solid sterling silver, the round pendant depicts glorious phoenix birds rising with wings outstretched. The head and wings meet to form a heart

This Sterling Silver Phoenix Wing Pendant is ideal for singles that are looking for their soul mate and foster a blissful, healthy marriage.

What real buyers say about Spread Open Phoenix Wing Pendant:


  • It looks lovely on a 16″ black silk cord. It’s the perfect size, not too large, and the curves soften the effect. I wore it today with a turquoise V-neck T-shirt, and the effect was striking, but not even remotely gaudy. Very good value.
  • This is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I got it for my husbands birthday, but thinking of getting one for myself, considering they sell matching earrings. My husband wears it all the time and loves it, I recommend getting the leather braided rope for it ( 20 inch ) it really sets it off for a man.


  • Pendant is a unique design, yet it is shown on an angle because the one I received has a tarnished dimple in the bottom where the wings come together which in my opinion cheapens the look and it does NOT line up with the point of the phoenix’s beak. I’m sure no one else will notice. They should have made it all one without the dimple to make it look more uniform.

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What Others Are Saying

  1. paul @Occasional Gift Ideas February 23, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    I love the smooth curves in the design of this pendant especially how the wings meet at the front and at the back. its striking pendant and i would definitely love to have one.

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