Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Stravaganza Gift Box

Posted on March 28, 2012 by Karen


This ADORABLE Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Stravaganza Gift Box will delight any boy or girl this holiday. This cuddly Bunny will be bringing that Somebunny Special a box full of wonder this Easter.

Another awesome creation designed by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets. The cute bunny is  tucked inside a Happy Easter Gift Box shaped, decorated like an Easter Egg, and filled to the top with all kinds of sweets and treats for “Somebunny Special” to enjoy!

They’ll find Easter Sugar Cookies, a bag of individually wrapped Cookies and Cream Candy Eggs, Marshmallow Peeps, pastel sprinkled Frosted Pretzels, assorted Taffy, Peter Rabbit Jelly Belly Beans, a Chocolate Bunny Kabob Pop, and a hand frosted Bunny Cookie tucked inside.

Once the goodies are gone, this handsomely decorated gift box bearing “Happy Easter” greetings can be used year after year as a favorite decoration or your child can use to put his/her “stuff” in to keep their dresser or desk-top nice and tidy.

  • Price from: $60.95
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