Hide N Squeak Eggs

Posted on March 18, 2012 by Karen


A toy they will play with well after the Easter Holiday. These Hide N Squeak Eggs reveal six egg-stra special colorful chicks when cracked open that peep when their heads are pressed on gently. The children will squeal with delight with these eggs.

These eggs will provide hours of fun and learning.  They can learn fine motor skills when they crack open or replace the shells of the six special colorful chicks, and press down gently on their heads to hear them peep. 

They can learn shapes by taking them in and out of the carton for shape shorting fun.  They can match the protruding shape at the bottom of each egg to the corresponding shape at the bottom of the egg crate.

As they get a little older, they can even match the face on the top of the egg shell to the corresponding chick.

All this fun comes in an “egg carton” that snaps closed to keep the chicks in one place.  They could also be used for imaginative play for groceries or cooking. A great little toy all around.


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  • Without a doubt one of the best toys we’ve ever bought.

    A great gift and a great value.

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