Sesame Street Big Bird Plush

Posted on March 18, 2012 by Karen


This Gund Sesame Street Big Bird Plush is cuddly and adorable. A perfect companion for any boy or girl to take with them where ever they go!!

This 14″ Big Bird is under-stuffed to make him even more cuddly and lovable.  Children will love having him as their friend to take with them on trips or to have at nap or bed-time.  Perfect start to any Sesame Street plush collection.


What other buyers say about Sesame Street Big Bird Plush:


  • Big Bird is so soft and bright that my nephew was drawn right to him! It’s become his favorite companion

    My son loves this plush toy. It is so soft and very hug-gable.

    My niece sleeps with it every night and it is very soft.

    Makes a great gift for any young girl who loves Big Bird.


  • Although it did not come in a box (really my only complaint) Big Bird is definely the softest stuff animal I have ever come along.

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