Oakley Mens Tightrope Metal Sunglasses

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Karen

We created TIGHTROPE for the kind of active lifestyle that follows the road only far enough to find its own path. Think of this frame as a sport inspiration that got a taste of the street. Oakley Mens Tightrope Metal Sunglasses walks the line between performance and polish, and in the process, gives you the best of both worlds.

These comfortable, secure-fit shades allow for wide peripheral view.  Comfortable during any activity, and comes with UV protection and reduced glare without the visual distortion.  Ideal pair of glasses for the man whose ready to follow his own path; whether is be to the baseball game, or a romantic date on the beach.


What other buyers say about Oakley Mens Tightrope Metal Sunglasses:

  • they are lite , comfortable, very good quality, and the biggest reason, staying in Miami Florida, they do a great job protecting from the sun.

    The are comfortable and have a very sleek appearance. They were also competitively priced.

    My husband LOVES them and has gotten tons of compliments. They look great and fit well!

  • Price from: $120.00
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