Willow Tree New Dad Figurine

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Karen


This beautiful Willow Tree New Dad Figurine captures the tender moment between a father and his child. A timeless piece to add to your growing Willow Tree collection.

Handcrafted in resin and individually painted by hand by Susan Lordi, this Willow Tree New Dad Figurine stands 6″ high. Prefect height for any shelf in the living room or bedroom.

Each figurine allows expression to be conveyed by gestures only – a tilt of the head, a turn of the body, or placement of the hands. The simplicity of form and the absence of facial features signify Willow Tree.

Comes gift boxed and ready for Father’s day, or for a Christening.

What other buyers say about Willow Tree New Dad Figurine:

  • It’s precious and precisely what I expected.

    I am glad Willow Tree is making items like these for Dads.

    This product is beautifully made and truly captures the love between a father and his new baby.

  • Regular price: $28.00
  • Current offer: $22.86
  • You save: $5.14 (18.4%)
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