Balancing Bird

Posted on January 7, 2012 by Gift Ideas

Balancing Bird

Defy gravity and amaze your friends with the magic Balancing Bird! This bird breaks boundaries and balances precariously on the tip of your finger. However, this specially made bird is stable and incredibly easy to balance. No need to make tiny adjustments to make sure it stays in place. Try balancing it on a pencil, the corner of a counter, your computer monitor – practically any surface. Great for parties, and even magic tricks, it can also be used to demonstrate how gravity works in a classroom setting. Have fun laughing in the face of gravity with the magic Balancing Bird.

What real buyers say about Balancing Bird:


My 11 year old really enjoys this. Put it on your nose, the dog’s nose, or just about anything. It always balances. It’s pretty heavy. Doesn’t look look like it’ll break easy – unless the dog gets fed up and finally eats it.

I remember wanting one of these so much when I was little. I finally got it and had a blast! This bird was the reason I was so excited to take physics! It’s a very simple toy but entertaining. Makes a great desktop toy.

I bought this as a toy for my two boys. I actually enjoy them better than my boys do! I may be keeping them for myself, just incase. :)


The only problem I had with this toy is that the picture I was given is a beautiful looking blue and white bird. The toy that I received is not very pretty at all. It’s yellow and very obvious that the material is somekind of styrofoam. The toy is still fun but it’s not as cute as I thought it would be for my daughter.

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