Deluxe Straw Hat

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Karen

This traditional, Vietnamese styled, Deluxe Straw Hat is made of Made of 100% bamboo straw. It’s hand-made, comes with a chin string and is wide enough to cover your face from the sun.

This beautifully made Deluxe Straw Hat can be part of a traditional Vietnamese long dress costume, or to cover your face from the scorching sun. Also, a great gift idea to give to someone who loves a bit of Asian décor in their living room. .

What other buyers say about Deluxe Straw Hat:


  • My coolie is still keeping me cool and looking cool. In perfect condition btw. This has been one of those buys that turned out to be a true value.

    I especially like the head support woven into the hat itself. This allows the hat to sort of float above your head and air to circulate around inside. It has a great coverage area in the sun compared to any normal straw hat and the chin strap keeps it securely in place during work or vigorous activity.


  • My greatest concern was that this hat would be too hot (something that occurs with a baseball cap and a light, thin wicker-like weave cowboy hat that I have). But, it is more comfortable and protective than baseball caps for outdoor work, and allows for more air circulation than the open weave, wicker-like cowboy hats.

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