Sony E-series Walkman MP3 player

Posted on February 17, 2012 by Karen

The Sony E-series Walkman MP3 player delivers up to 50 hours of music -with video and photo playback plus FM radio just to sweeten the deal. With delicious colors and Windows drag and drop functionality. This player is bling to the ears and eyes.

This Sony E-series Walkman MP3 player comes in a variety of colors to suit everyone’s taste. Watch your girlfriend, boyfriend or teen squeal with delight when they unwrap this present!

What other buyers say about Sony E-series Walkman MP3 player :


  • Beautiful, simple, awesome. It has a voice recorder and a radio as well. Both very handy.

    The earphones it comes with produces clear sound and nice bass. This player comes with sound so good I end up using those when I travel to places like the park, mall, or anywhere I would not expect to bring a backpack to put away my headphones.

    The FM radio that comes built in it has bookmarks so you can save the audible radio stations instead of having to cycle through every single channel.


  • If all you want is something to listen to music on then this is an awesome player. I don’t do audiobooks so for me thats not an issue.

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